Crawler AJAX/escaped fragment support?


Hi - any plans to support AJAX crawling via the escaped_fragment convention anytime soon? So we can have purty cards for our dynamic sites?


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Sorry, not available. But will let you know if we do.



Facebook & Google both handle AJAX fragments.

Would be nice if Twitter too, especially with the increasing popularity of AJAX frameworks such Angular.js.

You just have to transform the “#!..” pattern to a “?escaped_fragment=…” string before crawling the page.

I have no doubt that Twitter engineers could achieve this feature in a reasonable amount of time :slight_smile:


I support getting this feature on the development roadmap.




With the resize of front-end frameworks, like Angular and Backbone, this is a really essential feature of modern crawlers.

Please make it a priority, Twitter!


Is there any known workaround for twittercards to work with the #! ?


Please Twitter, give this priority! Or at least a workaround:

Implementing this shouldn't be too hard ;)



Any update on this?


@tecteun It is best for Twitter to follow the full spec (handle #! fragments or detect a ), but indeed, a cheap “twitter:crawl_url” parameter should complete the job for free.


As of today, the Twitterbot will support hashbangs by converting to “escaped_fragment.”




Still getting “Invalid card time” from the card validator for my #! URLs, and looking at my server logs the bot is still hitting the wrong URLs, without the #! (obviously, local dynamic part) but without the escaped_fragment param too :frowning:


Sorry the invalid card still continuing


We tried testing this link on the card validator!project;id=5701808034938880 it doesn’t hit the escaped fragment version of the site. It should look something like this give you this result when shared;id=5701808034938880.

Could you confirm this hasn’t been done yet, or if it has that it’s a current bug on Twitter?

We’re very excited to start using cards properly!




Could you provide a couple example URLs for us to investigate?


Could you provide a couple example URLs for us to investigate?


Ah, just noticed the following URL on a related thread, but if you have any others to share, feel free.


Now it’s working, It accepted the URLs and I could request the approval, but I got instant rejection mail. Now I re-requested it and waiting for approval. Thanks!


Ok great!