Crash sharing images on iPad


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On 26 January, @stevenhepting said that the issue with sharing a tweeted image on iPad had “been fixed internally and should be out in the next release of Twitter Kit.”

Today, the Fabric helper prompted me to update our app from 1.15.1 to 1.15.3. After doing so, I fired it up on iPad, tried that test again… and it still crashes.

Did that fix not make it into the build? Do you have some idea of when this will really be fixed?


The fix was planned for 1.15.3, but was delayed and is now planned for an upcoming release. Apologies for the confusion and delay!


That’s pretty disappointing, considering how long this bug has existed, and how long ago it was fixed.


I definitely understand the frustration and wish it could have gone out in 1.15.3. Look for the fix in our 2.0 release next week.