Crash sharing images on iPad


After viewing the details of an image from a TWTRTimelineViewController on iPad, tapping the action button in the navigation bar crashes the app:

2016-01-11 15:58:04.646 Express[35870:16474153] *** Terminating app due to uncaught exception ‘NSGenericException’, reason: ‘UIPopoverPresentationController (<_UIAlertControllerActionSheetRegularPresentationController: 0x7fc70335d5f0>) should have a non-nil sourceView or barButtonItem set before the presentation occurs.’

This appears to be related to this previously-reported issue, which @stevenhepting said was fixed back in July 2015. Edit: also reported here a few weeks ago.


which version of Twitter Kit was running in your application when the crash occurred?


As far as I can tell, 1.14.6. I upgraded Crashlytics and TwitterKit on Friday when the helper app started pestering me.


FWIW, it still crashes in the same way with version 1.15.0 of TwitterKit.

(Which, frustratingly, the Fabric app doesn’t acknowledge exists: I had to download and install it by hand, and Fabric is now pestering me to “upgrade” to 1.14.6.)


And still happening with 1.5.1, for the record.


Thanks for the report.

This issue has been fixed internally and is planned for an upcoming release.

Crash sharing images on iPad