Crash on FBAdTimer.m



Since 15th Jan we’ve had a major number of crashes on FBAdTimer.m, about 20k crashes in 2000 users

See the crashlog here:

We tried turning off Facebook Banner ads, and the issue still persisted, we then disabled all banner ads and the crash is no longer occurring.

I’ve searched for FBAdTimer.m and I cannot find it in the FBAudienceNetwork framework, so I’m unsure where it’s located. I can only imagine that something happened on the MoPub API side for providing banner ads, that has caused this crash.

Can you please give me some idea over what can be causing this and how to investigate.

These issues occurred on MoPub v4.6.0, and FBAudiencenetwork v4.10.1 of the frameworks.

I am preparing a new release with the latest updates to both frameworks, but I’d like to know the root cause of this issue, to have confidence that this won’t occur with the latest SDKs also.



We just looked at Crashlytics, and disabling the banner ads have made no difference.


Just an FYI with anyone with this issues. Update your SDKs.

We updated to the latest MoPub and FBAudienceNetwork SDKs and this issue never occurred in those builds.