Country stats



I am trying to get country stats by using asynchronous end point.

What’s the exact syntax to do this? For example, I don’t see possible value as “COUNTRY” for segmentation_type.

I am trying to use this but no success yet.

twitter_json = get_json("stats/jobs/accounts/#{a_id}/?entity=CAMPAIGN&entity_ids=#{campaign_id_list}&start_time=#{start_date}&end_time=#{end_date}&segmentation_type=REGIONS&granularity=TOTAL&metric_groups=ENGAGEMENT,MOBILE_CONVERSION,BILLING&placement=ALL_ON_TWITTER")


Hi @Makoto875176881, thanks for reaching out, happy to help. Have you tried using the country param per the async endpoint documentation? It’s required if segmentation_type is REGIONS, CITIES, or POSTAL_CODES


Hi @Makoto875176881, just a quick clarification here. We don’t offer specific country segmentation, what we can offer is segmentation_type=LOCATION and depending on your targeting and where your users have been reached, you can see country level stats. My mistake, country param is for filtering only.

The following document should be helpful: