Could someone help a Noob with a php and oAuth question



We’re planning on writing a simple php web app that we want users to register with so we can store their settings/preference in our MySQL Database.

We want users to register/signon to the page via Twitter. Ie they authenticate with twitter and then we create their account upon successful Authorization in our database.

Now, I’ve not done this before and I have a couple of questions.

  1. When the user closes their browser and then revisits our site. How do we detect that they have previously signed up/authenticated with Twitter? That is we want to log them on immediately. In a similar way that when I visit a site like Klout it knows I already have an account and takes me right to my page.

  2. Does this ever expire? What I mean is there an expiration date as to when it “forgets” that I’ve previously authenticated. eg If I return to the site a day later will it still remember me? What about a week or a month later? If so how do we control this “timeout”

Any pointers, links to examples or help files etc would be most appreciated.