Could not recognize the response from Twitter


I’ve been trying different types of (Wordpress) twitter tools however I get a 0 response from the APi by the looks of it.

I’ve tried twitter-tools, it goes to the api-page, when I accept the “binding” it returns to the adminpage of the wordpress tool and it still says its not connected. This goes on for a lot of tools i tried.

Now i’ve tried Twitter Widget Pro; it gave me some usefull response:
“Could not recognize the response from Twitter”

It looks like either there is NO response or maybe there is something wrong with it.

The server ip is
Is it possible the IP has been blocked/banned?

Thanks in advanced,


I had the same problem but finally able to resolve. During authorization I signed out from Twitter and then tried to authorize and it works fine. But previously I had my Twitter opened. So try to authorize by log out from twitter account.