Could not connect to twitter api host



As part of a school project, we’ve created a community website where people can login and ask questions about the project. One of the cool features for this, is that people could Authenticate themselves with Twitter, Google and Facebook. Like the Disqus platform. After two weeks of development and testing, all worked on the test server.

But when we tried to put it live, of course it didn’t work. The reason turned out to be PHP’s Curl library, which gives the error “couldn’t connect to host”. As this is a problem that other people might also have encountered, I hoped that someone was able to share their experiences.

We already tried to add an exception to the firewall:

poort van naar


with variables:,,

But this doesn’t seem to help. Anyone any thoughts?

Thanks in advance,


Tuve el mismo problema, pero leyendo los comentarios, basta con revocar el acceso a la aplicación y generar de nuevo el acceso, y ahí asignarle el permiso de lectura y escritura.

Para revocar el acceso basta con entrar a, tal como lo dice un usuario más arriba. Lo repito para que quede mas claro para las personas de habla hispana.

Para asignarle el acceso de nuevo, deben entrar al menú de la creación de su aplicación en twitter.