Could not Authenticate You


“errors”: [
“code”: 32,
“message”: “Could not authenticate you.”

Yesterday It was working perfectly now i am getting the same above error and i m trying to call api from postman because i want to use retrofit for android and for which i require the exact response


What endpoint are you calling? what parameters are you using? Have you regenerated the user or app token for any reason? Is the time on your machine accurate?



Yes the time on my machine is accurate and i m using endpoint which is for fetching user timeline

and also i have regenerated the token

i m sending params for authorization which contains consumer key, consumer secret, token and token secret, singature method, nonce, version of auth and another param for content-type

so please let me know what is wrong and i m checking the api from postman.

Thank you


Are you able to use twurl to access the same endpoint? If so it seems likely your Oauth headers are not set up correctly in postman. It is fairly hard to help with limited information.


Thanks for the help i m now able to make api calls using the token return by login button provided in twitter kit for andorid