"Could not authenticate you" for a specific text


Hi, a customer of mine was having trouble posting a status, I tried posting that status on my account throught the API and got the same error.

The status he tried to post was:
“Garanta já seu ingresso para vários shows no P12 com descontos de ATÉ 50%* no valor do ingresso inteira. Essa é a Black Friday Especial Verão e Carnaval 2019 do P12 em Jurerê Internacional: www.ingressorapido.com.br”

And the return was:
“Could not authenticate you.”

When posting other status that error is not returned.


This could be an encoding issue when calculating the OAuth signature - I see you have an asterisk and some accented characters in the status. What code are you using to post to the API?


hi andypiper,

I’m using Ruby, my Twitter integration uses this Gem: https://github.com/sferik/twitter
If I need to change the encoding, what encoding should I use?

Thanks in advance o/


Can you try posting the same text but remove the asterisk? I think there may be an issue with that library with that character.