Could not authenticate you Error 32 / Please help! Any suggestions?


Hello everyone,

I am having issues when I include a key such as cursor= or count=…I did not have issues before when I was just using a key like screen_name=

I have a get request that pulls a friends list. I am already able to do this with the url below that only includes the key screen_name= and I have known good authentication. The issue is with the second url below. Any suggestions??



I would appreciate any suggestions! Thank you!


What language are you using to make these calls? Can you provide any code snippets?


I am using FileMaker native cURL functions and having success. Now if that itself doesn’t prevent me from any further help… :slight_smile:

The “working” link above retrieved data for me perfectly.

I made a change to the ISSUE URL by adding cursor= and count= and I was given the Error 32 message. The only changes that I made were to the URL. I believe my keys are in the correct order. Am I required to regenerate tokens?


No, but the nonce and signature will change with each request.


I really appreciate your response @andypiper.

I was able to fix the issue. Literally all it took was changing “?” to “&” in my signature base string. :slight_smile: