Could not authenticate you code 32


How can i get more info back from Twitter on what is going wrong? Using same tokens etc. as successful GET requests (home timeline, mentions timeline, search hash) . Am using POST with required headers. How can i diagnose with “cannot complete as dialed” as an explanation?
Thank you.

status: 401 time: 272ms request: POST

  "json": null,
  "form": {
    "oauth_signature": "kG3c52wtGyJxMdOcMhxGVl6+8ws=",
    "oauth_consumer_key": "XXXX",
    "oauth_nonce": "579768884",
    "oauth_token": "XXX",
    "oauth_timestamp": "1385480470",
    "oauth_signature_method": "HMAC-SHA1",
    "oauth_version": "1.0",
    "include_entities": "true",
    "status": "TestTweet4110"
  "data": "",
  "headers": {
    "User-Agent": "Roku/DVP-5.2 (025.02E03264A)",
    "Content-Length": "296",
    "Accept": "*/*",
    "Connection": "close",
    "Host": "",
    "Content-Type": "application/x-www-form-urlencoded"
  "files": {},
  "args": {},
  "url": "",
  "origin": "xx.xx.xx.xx"