Could i have a sample ios code on authentication and twitter search for api version 1.1


Dear all,

Im new in IOS programming (basically programming). I have done a twitter search ios app by using the old twitter api version 1.

Now twitter is not supporting the old twitter api version 1 and i have to migrate to new twitter api version 1.1.

I could not find any useful resource on how to authenticate my application and issue a search request to request a twitter search.

Could anyone can shall some useful trips or reference with me.

Thank in advance.


I am also having the same problem,plz help.


I recommend taking a look at [node:2990]. It includes code samples that can help you.


you can refer to this link as well


doest not work any api of twitter and provide me a sample code for login page of twitter in ios


please help me. i am using sttwitterAPP for login with safari page in phonegap ios native plugin.
1- open login page on safari login Done.
but setOAuthToken not return sreen name.

  • (void)setOAuthToken:(NSString *)token oauthVerifier:(NSString *)verifier {

    [_twitter postAccessTokenRequestWithPIN:verifier successBlock:^(NSString *oauthToken, NSString *oauthTokenSecret, NSString *userID, NSString *screenName) {
    NSLog(@"-- screenName: %@", screenName);
    } errorBlock:^(NSError *error) {

      _loginStatusLabel.text = [error localizedDescription];
      NSLog(@"-- %@", [error localizedDescription]);



@cgw20144 did you find any solution for that? I have same problem.