Could I get someone's last logged in date?



I wanna to get list of active follwers.
To active followers, I need to get their last logged in date, so that I can get their active state.

But I can’t find API to help me find that.

Is there anyway to get end user's last active time?

There is not an API to get when someone was last active or last logged in. The best you can do is get their most recent status.


Thanks for reply.
How can I get end user’s last status?


GET users/show includes a user’s most recent status.


you mean last tweet time?
but users can don’t tweet, only log in.


A status is the same thing as a tweet. The most recent time a user tweeted is what’s available.


I want to get active following user, so I wanna get follower’s last active time.

Is there anyway to get them?


thanks for excellent helping.

My purpose is only get active follwers.
Is there any way to get active followers?
I think it is possible with retweet functionality.


Like I said earlier.