Could anyone help me find an easy to install Twitter feed widget for my WordPress blog?


Apparently the one we used to have was a Twitter API 1.1 compliant wordpress plugin that provides an array of a users timeline from Twitter for use by theme developers.

The new Twitter API requires you be oAuth’d before you can request a list of tweets, this means that all of the existing Twitter plugins that simply make an AJAX request for to the JSON API endpoint will break as of March 2013.

So the developers of the widget we used to have on our blog delete it! Apparently this is a major problem for the vast majority of websites… And now I can’t find a simple Twitter feed that does not require coding.

Any suggestion will be HIGHLY appreciated!!


Have you tried the ”Get Sociable” plugin for WordPress? It is simple for new posts and visitors alike… It also allows all the major social netwrks that you might like in one application.


Thanks for the suggestion, but I need a Twitter feed to add on the blog. Not a blog post rating and review… any other suggestion?


Get Sociable is not a rating and review plugin? Try it is Twitter feed for WordPress plugin…


Google ”Twitter feed for WordPress” The first suggestion is wp-feed plugin for what you might need. The ”Get Sociable” plugin is not a review plugin though?


you can try the Really Simple Twitter Feed Widget, with fresh support for Twitter API 1.1