Cost rate limit exceeded?


Can someone perhaps explain to me how the cost rate limit works and why I only hit it when I use the metric billed_charge_local_micro?

When requesting some metrics, incl. the one mentioned above, a couple of times in a row I get the following error:
errors: [ { code: ‘COST_LIMIT_EXCEEDED’, message: ‘Cost limit exceeded’ } ].
If I then remove billed_charge_local_micro from the request, all goes well again. No error though the cost rate limit hasn’t been reset yet.



Have a look at our Cost-based Rate Limiting documentation - it should give you everything you need in order to understand how this all works.


I already read that and it doesn’t completely. It isn’t a big deal, because it resets after a minute or so, but I would really like to understand the limit properly. :smile:

The reason for this is that while testing I noticed it wasn’t always used, only when I request the metric billed_charge_local_micro. As soon as I remove this metric I may request whatever I want even though it hasn’t been reset yet (X-Cost-Rate-Limit-Reset in the future and a X-Cost-Rate-Limit-Remaining of 0). This made me almost think it’s literally “cost” as in “spend metrics”, but the documentation doesn’t say anything about that…