Corresponding line item (and higher level) data not retrieved where a promoted tweet is found



We are using both the management and analytics endpoints and have found a situation where a promoted tweet is returned to us (via both management and analytics), but that its parent line item is not. Although it is occurring for both, our investigation of this is largely centred on the management calls.

Are there any circumstances in which this is a valid thing to happen?

We have tried as far as possible to rule out misuse at our end. E.g. In all cases we are fully paginating through all of the data for all entities. We have also considered the possibility that the line item is deleted whereas the promoted tweet is not (not sure whether this is possible), but we see the same behaviour even when retrieving all entities, including deleted ones.

Most of the other options (which we’re not using) in the data management API calls appear to be for scoping down the returned data, so it’s difficult to see how we could change our request such that more data would come back.

If necessary we have a specific example of this that we can provide - please let us know if you would like to see that, and if so whether we should put details here or elsewhere.

Many thanks.


Thanks for the question, @John_Developer. Having a specific example would definitely help us. Please provide example requests and responses using twurl. I mostly want to see an example promoted_tweets entity.


Hi again, apologies but we are currently having problems using Twurl. This could be misuse from us, but we are getting the “Usage…” message for most calls we make. We have previously used Twurl with some level of success.

Instead we have successfully reproduced the issue via Postman. However we do not wish to paste requests and responses containing client data in a public forum. Is there any chance we can send you this via some other private channel?

Thanks in advance.