Cordova OAuth update status with media using javascript error


I’m implementing twitter status update in my phonegap/cordova application on android. all the work is going perfect even simple text can be update on my twitter status… but when try to upload media api, it response error code 195 and message is Missing or invalid url paramter

var mediaUrl = ''; //update_with_media.json //update.json'', { 'status' : 'testing message', // javascript OAuth encodes this 'media[]' : mediaUrl }, function(data) { console.log('success posted'); console.log(JSON.stringify(data)); var entry = JSON.parse(data.text); // just for eg. tweetPostDone(); }, function(errorData) { console.log('error on posted'); console.log(JSON.stringify(errorData)); } ); }

Am i doing something wrong with my javascript code?