Copyright for display of Egg Icon by third party websites (for user accounts authentificated via twitter)


a) For using twitter authentificated user accounts for third party web sites is it permissible to fetch the egg default icon of the user? I assume the default picture of users underlies the copyright protection of Twitter. Could you point me to the licensing conditions?

b) As the default “egg icon” underlies a twitter “bird” metaphore does the API support a feature to find out if the user has a default icon or not, — in order to replace it by another default icon that better suits the third party website narrative?




For further information regarding what is permitted per our Branding Rules, please see the following:

Regarding the display of avatars, this is not only permitted but also mandatory per our requirements for displaying Tweets:

Hope this helps.
Twitter Platform Operations


I am currently working on a website that – if implemented – would have an interface/streaming API between Twitter and the website. Thus, selected tweets would automatically be shown via a feed on the site. However, I was wondering if there are any legal issues or other terms and/or permissions I should be aware of before setting up such a site?