Convince twitter that my application is not a desktop application but web application



i want to add twitter to our website. We decided that the user should authenticate our website. I’m building it in PHP. I tried using both php libraries: TwitterOAuth by Abraham Williams and Twitter async by Jaisen Mathai.

When i request the authentication url without providing a callback url, after the user authorizes our app, he gets to the screen with the pin. i want to avoid this. according to what i have read this could be avoided when providing a callback url. but when i provide a valid callback i get this response:
error: Desktop applications only support the oauth_callback value ‘oob’.

but my application is not a desktop application. i dont see anywhere in the control panel for the application how to set its to type to something different.

Is this some bug on Twitter side or am i missing something really obvious?



Make sure you have some value input as your callback URL in your application settings page on, then you should be able to accept a redirect.


hm, i have tried that before, it didn’t work. now it works, thanks