Converting from Developer to Basic



Two simple (I hope) questions:

  1. We are about ready to move our app from Developer to Basic. However, I can’t find the place on the Ads API documentation site to make that request (or set up an appointment or whatever). I know it used to be there … could somebody point me at the right spot please?
  2. I have one Twitter app configured for my dev site - but now I need to enable this on our QA site (which, of course, is on a different URL). That means it will have a different redirect URL for OAuth. Do I need to create a separate app for each platform?

Our (current, dev) app id is 9088581.





For #1 - there is a link which will help you setup that appointment.

For #2 - we don’t allow for multiple app IDs and you have to do testing with the same app. We usually recommend to setup test ad accounts (sometimes needing to get approval from a Twitter sales rep to help set it up) and Twitter handles (most burden being having to associate phone number). As far as I know, 3 legged auth for onboarding users to your Ads API solution should not require redirect URL, please clarify the scenario if you definitely think you need to leverage it.