Converting a twitter user into own website user


Hello, I created this thread, because I think it’s probably what a lot of website owners want to ask and there isn’t a concise answer regarding this (the documentation is too vague for me for some reason)

I’m using the API to create an alternate form of creating user accounts for my website. I basically just need the API to convert a twitter user into a user on my website. That is all I require (apart from them interacting on my website once they are converted, but they will still always have to login using their twitter account). I’m firstly not sure if I should leave my settings as “read only” instead of “read/write”?

I’ve managed to create the application, got my consumer key, consumer secret, loaded it onto my site and when I click on the sign-in with twitter button, everything works (or so I assume). What I’m confused about is the need for an “access token” and “access token secret” , I don’t understand what I need that for?

Lastly, If there’s any advice from somebody that’s already done this on their site before and has gotten the ability to gain more user sign-ups through twitter-logins, your advice will really be appreciated (I am using a Joomla site that has a plugin for social-login).

If somebody could explain it in layman’s terms, because the documentation is very vague to me and I don’t get what I need an access token and access token secret for.


PS. I posted this in another thread but I can’t delete that post??? I apologize for double posting but rethinking the existing thread I posted in, it didn’t seem that appropriate.