Convert online form to tweet


Hi everyone,
I would like to know wether it is possible to have an online form which after submitting is posting the answers to the user’s twitter account?
I tried to create a tweetbox with default content and let the user fill out certain blank space. It worked out fine. But (a) I just need the answers and (b) a form would be more convenient for the user (like chosing between “yes” or “no” or cosing a number between 1 and 5, for example).
I searched the web but couldn’t find any hint. So if someone has an idea, I would be happy :slight_smile:
Thanks in advance, Silke


You could take the form values and compose Tweet text, then open up a web intent with that text. The user still has to click “Tweet” but all the text will have been filled out already.

See for more information.


Thanks a lot for the quick answer. That is what I was looking for, I will check it out!


While your suggested implementation works, it will not work with the Web Intent Javascript Events. If anyone knows of a way to implement this, and keep the event callback functionality, please share.