Conversion stats


Are twitter conversion stats attributed to the ad at the time of the ad event (impression or click),
or the time of the conversion event (site visit, sign up, purchase, etc.)?


Hi @mikenaux,

Depending on how you’ve configured your campaign, conversion events are attributed at the time in which they happen, e.g. a user who clicks on an ad who then goes on to trigger a ‘sign up’ event 5 minutes later will be logged at the timestamp in which the ‘sign up’ event is triggered.

Do you have a specific use case for which you’re asking? Happy to clarify further if it would be helpful.


So, assuming the attribution window > 1 day,
if a user clicked on an ad on Monday, and then “signed up” on Tuesday,
the ad stats for Tuesday would show the “sign up” event,
and the ad stats (conversions) for Monday would be unchanged?


Hi @mikenaux, that’s correct, in your example the click would be attributed to Monday’s data, and the ‘sign up’ conversion event would be attributed to Tuesday. Let me know if I can answer any other questions.