Conversion pixel didn't create tailored audience


Hi! I’ve created a conversion pixel through the Ads API, with the creation of a tailored audience enabled, but the tailored audience wasn’t created…

Account id: 18ce53z7sd8
Conversion pixel id: ntqhn
Conversion pixel’s creation date: 2015-11-04 10:43:08

Why wasn’t the corresponding audience created? Does the pixel need to meet some requirements (like having been used) in order for the audience to be created?

Thank you.



So, in order to diagnose the issue, I’d like to get some more information from you.

Can you use twurl to make the necessary API calls and let us know the exact request and response bodies.


Hi @imit8me! Thanks for replying. The thing is that now it’s working - I can successfully create a conversion pixel with retargeting enabled and the audience appears among the tailored audiences. The pixel ntqhn is the only one that I’ve noticed didn’t have a corresponding audience. So my question is: what went wrong for that pixel that prevented an audience from being created? I guess you have a lot of data and debugging data on that pixel, and I hope maybe you can tell me what happened at the time of that pixel’s creation.


Hey @majoritasdev I’ve taken a look at your issue. Specficially, this is the twurl command I used to retrieve the tailored_audience data.

twurl -H ' '/1/accounts/18ce53z7sd8/tailored_audiences?with_deleted=true'

I’ve passed the additional param with_deleted=true to get the audiences that have been deleted as well. Looks like the audience related to the pixel that you’ve mentioned has been deleted by someone from your side.

{ "audience_size": null, "audience_type": "WEB", "created_at": "2015-11-04T10:43:08Z", "deleted": true, "id": "zjq9", "is_owner": true, "list_type": null, "name": "Twitter retargeting 94", "partner_source": "OTHER", "permission_level": "READ_WRITE", "reasons_not_targetable": [ "TOO_SMALL" ], "targetable": false, "targetable_types": [ "WEB", "EXCLUDED_WEB" ], "updated_at": "2016-01-13T12:18:18Z" }

Hope that helps!


Oh. I didn’t think to check the deleted audiences as well…

Thank you so much for your time and help, @imit8me!