Conversion Metrics V1



I cant get data for any of the Conversion Metric except from ‘conversion_purchases’ in the API new version despite I see those conversions in the UI.

Does someone knows if there is any problem or can provide me a solution :slight_smile: ?
This is the URL I’m calling :,BILLING,WEB_CONVERSION,MEDIA,VIDEO,MOBILE_CONVERSION&entity_ids=(list_of_entities)



Whats the error are you getting?

Could you provide full request and response in TWURL format?



It’s possible the UI is showing either mobile or web conversions in the same named column, but for API those are coming in two separate values / metric groups.


Thanks for the responses! The issue was that the data for conversion custom, downloads, site visits and sign ups was in the variable “metric” and the variables “order_quantity” and “sale_amount” were always None.