Conversation not created when the parameter In_reply_to_status_id is being used


Hello, we have a case in which we created a tweet from the call:ón%20por%20DM.%20Un%20saludo.&In_reply_to_status_id=1055538800296898564&auto_populate_reply_metadata=false

and yet a conversation has not been created on Twitter and it does not appear that the tweet has an answer, when it should have it.

What can be happening?

Thank you.


Hi @TestChrysalis. Requests parameters are case sensitive.

The problem is likely due to the capital I at the start of the parameter: In_reply_to_status_id

Try replacing it with the following to see if it works: in_reply_to_status_id

Please check out our documentation on the request parameters for the POST statuses/update API.



Sorry, it`s because translation software, i actually using this parameter: in_reply_to_status_id.

Thank you.


Ah, no problem.

My next step would be to try changing auto_populate_reply_metadata=false to auto_populate_reply_metadata=true . Let me know how that goes.



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