Control notifications of followers


So the doubt I have can be best explained with this mock scenario.

If a twitter account X has N followers but I only want a select few followers to receive notifications for any new tweet I post how would I achieve that using the current version of REST endpoints?

Ideally, I would want to control which follower gets notified for which tweet I post and I do not want all of my followers to see all of my tweets.

Any thoughts/ideas on this are most welcome! I am sure a lot of people must have had this doubt at some point.



There’s no way to achieve this via the API (unless you are using the Ads API to target an audience).

Users have the ability to opt-in from the Twitter UI to receive notifications for specific accounts. There’s no way to scope Tweets as private, public, or specific to a group.


So could you at a very high level explain how I could use the Ads API to target an audience? Could you also include like a mock scenario on how people typically use this Ads API ??

Thanks for the really quick reply! Really appreciate it:+1:


My best ability to guide you on tailored audiences is the Ads API documentation; I am not an Ads API specialist and you should ask for assistance in the relevant categories in these forums if you need more detailed assistance.

To be clear: you cannot segment a specific group of individual users in order to do this. You’d use a partner’s audience segmentation to find, e.g. users in x geo with z interests in order to post your Tweets to a limited group.

The use case outlined in your original post is not an Ads API use case. What you’re asking to do is simply not possible. The only reason that I mentioned the Ads API in my original response was to acknowledge that it is indeed possible to target subsets of users, but you cannot use it to target individual users or groups of users.

Also, you should note that the Ads API requires whitelisting for access, and has a tiered access model.


Thanks a lot! that certainly clarifies things for me!!:+1::+1: