Contributors Feature


I’m sure this feature is good and dead by now. Is there no hope of anything like this popping up again?

I run several twitter accounts for various websites, as well as my own personal Twitter, and it’s a huge hassle having to log in and out and the official Twitter apps aren’t an ideal experience.

It’s led to a serious drop in activity. I use the websites’ twitter account quite infrequently, and use their Facebook pages about 4x as often. And my personal account has dropped to about one tweet a week because, quite frankly, I can’t be bothered to be logging in and out all the time.

I’ve been DESPERATE for something like the Contributors feature for years, especially when other people sometimes tweet to my other accounts.

PLEASE do something like this, I’m pretty much begging here. I’m sure I’m not the only one who would love it.


Just another note on this - although the official Twitter app for iOS lets you switch accounts, it’s a terrible work around because over time, it’s become more and more hidden. Now I have to go into my account page, click accounts and select which to use, completely changing which account is used on the app? It’s not much quicker than logging in and out.

I really don’t understand why Twitter is making it so hard to manage multiple accounts, it’s so easy on Facebook and even Tumblr. Having an easier method seems like common sense to me.