Contributor access denied in twitter



Hi all,

We have an application which allows all the users in a team to reply on behalf of an official account as contributors. The individual users were mapped as contributors in TweetDeck. The rest api call was then populated with two additional parameters - x-act-as-user-id and x-contribute-to-user-id to override the individual user’s twitter id to replace it with the official account’s twitter id.

This flow worked smoothly for the last 1.5 years and started throwing up this error today -
Error code - 90 message - “Contributor access is not permitted on this endpoint”

Any pointers on on how to resolve this or possible alternate solutions to reply on behalf of another user would be really great !



Can you show me where the calls you are making are documented? Are you able to share the code? Are you able to share the app ID of your app?


Thanks Andy,

If you can see the image below, you will see that we were using the the http headers to reply on behalf of the specfic user.

This was not exactly documented but we found out these headers contained the exact twitter id to which the response is sent and so used it to implement our functionality.



Is there a way we can enable contributors for a twitter id so I can use API’s to contribute instead of tweetdeck ? We see a flag (contributors_enabled) with a default value of ‘false’ but we don’t see how it can be updated to true.



We are not able to help with any use of Twitter APIs in an undocumented and unsupported manner.

The best tool to use for this use case would be TweetDeck.