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Hi there,

I would like to participate more in Twitter and help with some contribution to the TwitterKit for Android, I don’t know if I can use IntelliJ or stay only with Android Studio (which is free), can someone tell me what is the most used and most common for you ?

It would be easier for me if I need help somehow :wink:

Thanks for the answer


Speaking from personal experience, I’ve seen many developers moving to Android Studio, though I know at some companies, switching IDEs can be a more complicated process.


Hey @kevin_vavelin, The majority of the team uses Android Studio for development. We mostly just accept bug fixes thru our open source repository. If you have some feature work in mind please reach out to me on Github, DM, or email to coordinate.


Hey :slightly_smiling:

Thanks for your reply, so i will stand with android studio ^^ I don’t know in what I will working on but I’ll let you know as soon as I take a look on the issue section in github :wink:

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