Continue to receive rejection email even though our pages validate during the request


We run the validator for Player Card on a sample URL from our site, such as:

The validator shows all green, except for the yellow warning indicating * is not yet approved, and provides a button to request approval. We request approval, and then a few weeks later we get an email stating:

“The URL you provided for to use the player card did not validate. Please make sure the page contains valid metadata, then reapply for a Twitter card.”

Yet it provides us with no explanation as to why it thinks we’re not validating, which is especially confusing since the site validates during the request process!

This has now happened to us TWICE. The first time, it happened after waiting around THREE MONTHS after the initial request for approval for our domain.


This just happened to us today… Still waiting for an answer! Have you heard back from Twitter yet?




Just happened to us as well. Two months of waiting for this cryptic message.


It looks like @rchoi is responding to posts… Mine still has gone unanswered…


Coincidentally, we received another of these rejection emails today (we re-applied again 2 weeks ago when our first message here was posted). Again the email says our player card did not validate, even though it validated fine when we requested approval…