Content URLs serving wrong images


I hope this is in the right place. Some of our users have brought to our attention that Twitter is serving incorrect images with their tweets. Layman’s example: The user posted a photo of Elmo with their tweet and they’re now seeing a photo of Jerry Springer with their tweet.

Here’s an exchange with one of our users:


Moving this to the Cards category as I’m going to stab a guess that your URLs have cards attached? (doh! moved back to REST)

Can you provide any example URLs or Tweets (not screenshotted ones) that are displaying this issue?


Hmm. OK looking at this I’m not sure you are using Cards, in which case, my mistake. The image attached to the original Tweet appears to be the one being displayed - the JSON object contains the image that is being displayed on and by your app. I’m not certain why there’s any discrepancy here. Really odd.


We aren’t using Cards. The issue isn’t quite apparent to anyone other than the user who knows what the original photo should be. The reports we’re seeing are of text tweets paired with pretty uncharacteristic photos, but we usually don’t have the original for comparison. If we do, it’s because the user sent what the original should be. If the tweet hasn’t been deleted, the original linked tweet itself is displaying the photo that the user reports isn’t theirs.


One of our users reported receiving a pornographic image in place of the original photo in their tweet. This user’s tweets are protected, but I can direct message you with the details.