Content of a tweet changes based on the Twitter client, help please



I’m new to the forum so wanted to introduce myself but also I have a problem which I am hoping someone may have the answer to.

We have developed an application that uses the Twitter API. The software determines the persons native language based on their Twitter profile. We currently have the software running, using 7 different languages - no problem. We are now looking to introduce a new language Arabic and we are hitting some strange/unexplained issues. The 7 languages we have are all left to right (european) languages, however Arabic is read right to left.

Below are screen prints of what we are seeing for exactly the same tweet.

Does anyone have any idea’s what might cause this and/or what the solution to fix this would be? What I am expecting is a consistent tweet across all platforms, albeit the format may be left to right or right to left depending on the user.


I can’t speak to what Hootsuite does with tweets in RTL languages (although it looks from your screenshot like their support is limited).

Twitter itself relies on the browser to determine how to render RTL tweets. In this case we output the text as “@dxbbiztest F5 بوابة 11:25 (17/12) ستغادر FZ141 الرحلة” and style it using “direction: rtl” in the CSS. It’s then up to the browser to determine how it should appear, based on the browser’s own rules for displaying RTL text.


Thanks Isaac.

So effectlively if we were to post in Arabic via the API in LTR as a direct translation of English then the bowser/style should take care of the rest.

We should post the Arabic translation of “this is a test” and not the Arabic translation of “test a is this” - sounds like we were over complicating it!