Contains filter and hashtags on Historical Powertrack API



Hi all,

I’m not sure about using the following operators when making JSON queries to gather data sets.
Specifically, I’d like to know should I do the following when creating queries.

For example, if I want to capture any mentions of the word “apple” and the hashtag apple ("#apple"), do I need to specify both?

{“query”:"“apple” OR “#apple”"}

Tweet : “I love Apple hardware”.
Tweet: “I love #Apple hardware”.

In other words, does just “apple” capture the “#apple”?


Would it capture “I love #Apple hardware”? And any other special characters?

Should I use contains:Apple to capture “#Apple” as an alternative? Though, it would capture “applejuice” also.

The reason why I’m asking is this would allow me to type less and have shorter queries that fit the 2.048 characters :slight_smile: versus typing out all possibilities, etc.

Kind regards


Hello again @je_nicolo great question - the keyword search apple would capture the hashtag #apple as well. There is a separate hashtag parameter that looks at only the hashtag entities of a Tweet.

In other words:

#apple is a subset of the keyword apple which is a subset of contains:apple