Consuming deteled messages



Is it possible to consume all deleted tweets and users from Streaming API?

Lets say my query parameter has keyword #abc and as per developer policy, twitter provides 1% of entire firehose.


  1. Will streaming give us 1% of all tweets which has #abc?
  2. Will stream give us all tweets which has hashtag #abc?
  3. If above two are valid than how to get deleted users?
  4. In-case if query parameter contains lang:en than, will we get 100% deleted tweets?

Thanks in advanced.


You’ll get 1% of the entire firehose. If the total coverage of #abc is < 1% of the firehose at the time, you’ll get all of the results for that query.

You cannot get Tweets from deleted user accounts.

Language is a separate issue. You cannot get deleted Tweets from the Streaming API, but you will see deletion notices for existing Tweets (and you must then delete them from your app’s data store, per the developer policy)


Thanks for your reply.

Can I get 100% deletion notices from the Streaming API? I want to make sure that all deleted tweets/Users has been removed from our data store.