Construct 2 CocoonJS AdMob MoPub not working!



I have created a game in construct 2 and compiled the game in cocoonJS. I integrated AdMob with MoPub through the network tab. I am getting requests put no fill rate or impression. When playing the game through the google play store none of the ads work and neither do the test ads on the MoPub website I don’t think.

The game was exported in the r175 version if that makes any difference?



Hey ZikDotApps,

There are three things to check, each regarding each ad source you have listed in your screenshot.

  • For AdMob, have you integrated Google Play Services and the associated AdMob adapters (GooglePlayServicesBanner and GooglePlayServicesInterstitial)? Have you set up the AdMob id correctly in the UI under the networks tab?

If not, please see our documentation for integrating banner and interstitial third party ad networks here.

  • Under your Marketplace tab does it say you are not approved for Marketplace yet or say that you need to enter payment information?

If so, to be approved for Marketplace, please email with up to date payment information and the corresponding Android package name/iTunes App Store URL/Website URL linked to your MoPub App in the MoPub UI. For faster approval, please include screenshots of the app in your Admin page/your website’s admin page to show that you are the owner of the account in your email to policy.

  • Your two ad units are an interstitial and a banner. For the MoPub Demo Line Item, I’m assuming it’s targeted at only your interstitial, correct? If this is the case, the test ad will not serve as it only contains a banner and native ad creative and will format mismatch on the fullscreen ad unit. The creative and ad unit have to be the same format for the ad to show.

My recommendation is to create your own test ads under an order/line item targeted at your specified ad units to grasp the UI in this aspect.

You can also set up your own test direct serve creative by creating an Order and Line Item (Backfill, Priority 16 is recommended) and adding the creative (Image is recommended) of the ad format you are trying to test.

To do this, follow the documentation below to set up a Order and Line item and also add a creative to the line item.

If any issues persist, please reach out and we can troubleshoot further.