Connection reset by peer



I created a website that relies on an Perl script that queries Twitter every hour and download tweets of 130 different users. As you can see, it is below the rate limit (130 queries per hour). I’m using the Twitter::Lite API to query Twitter. The application downloads the tweets to a database and creates a local search where I can find patterns in the information. It is not authenticated. It was working without any problems since last may until friday where a connection time out began to show up. To download the information I increased the execution rate of the script from once per hour to 12 times per hour (once each five minutes). On monday (today) the error changed from connection time out to connection reset by peer. The guys at support said that my fixed IP is not black listed, but I don’t know what the problem is. Can somenbody help me? I’ve tryed authenticating the application but the problem remains.




I’m using the Search API, which doesn’t require auth, and am encountering something similar. It also started for me on Friday and has persisted the past few days. I’m intermittently receiving “Connection reset by peer” errors and connection timeouts. I’m using a ruby script. The resets and timeouts are not very consistent though, so I don’t believe it’s an issue with blacklisting. The majority of my queries are still going through fine, but it’s enough that it’s slowing my searches down significantly. I’ve also noticed I’m not seeing 420 responses anymore, but my application code has not changed in weeks.



We’re looking into this issue and tracking it currently in this thread: [node:1697].

At the moment, you will not likely experience these errors but you may see the errors again later this afternoon Pacific time, as our engineers look deeper into the problem.


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