Connection refused when fetching a summary card


Hi, last week we didnt have any issue with twitter cards. Today I’ve just figured out that they are not being rendered.

In this screenshot you may see the error::
"ERROR: Fetching the page failed because connection is refused."

I tried with this URL’s

Our robots.txt ::

Hope I can get some insights.

Thanks in advance

Player Card bug
Twitter Cards error: Fetching the page failed because connection is refused

All my cards were working until March 7th… Nothing after March 7th is working - I’m getting the same error. Here is a sample page that is getting this error:

Thanks also in advance!

Error on card preview: Fetching the page failed because connection is refused

I just discovered that the Cards and Validator WORK if i use http:// instead of https://… So they appear broken on SSL connections?


Maybe is a SSL handshake issue, but I guess that the error displayed in the validator would tell us that… Now is just displaying like a generic message.

Btw, I tried with the http:// version too. But our site force the https:// version, so the error stills gets displayed

hope we get a solution soon


Yea, unfortunately I have everything redirect to SSL also, so trying to force the unsecure connection is not an option… But it’s weird that it worked on an unsecure link - because Twitter Player cards REQUIRE a SSL… Hmmm… I’ve been searching all day for an answer… Stuff worked fine for me on the site since last September, 5 days ago stopped working…


Having the same issue, and our site forces SSL too.

I’m also intermittently getting the following error when I try to validate, so I’m looking into load time issues as well.
ERROR: FetchError:exceeded 4.seconds to Constructor while waiting for a response for the request, including retries (if applicable) (Card error)


Your SSL certificate must match your ServerName or ServerAlias. For for example, your certificate is issued to “” and for your certificate is issued to “*.talenteca,com” - neither of these are exact matched for the domain, and Twitter seems to choke on it.

If you have apache, go to your ssl.conf for you domain. You will probably see:


Change it to


For talenteca, you would change is to


Restart apache and have a nice day. If you are on a different server, make the equivalent changes.

Twitter Card Error "ERROR: Fetching the page failed because other errors."
SSL handshake error
Card Validator: Fetching the page failed because other errors
Problems with reverse DNS lookup and SSL

Thanks for the heads up on that, the changes were made, but Twitter Card Validator still returns “ERROR: Fetching the page failed because connection is refused.”

My .htaccess redirects any www.* calls to https://* … Cards have been working perfectly for about 9 months until the 6th of this month (March), so… No changes on this end from when they were working, unfortunately… still stumped…

but thanks!


using http:// (non-ssl):

using https:// (ssl):

link being used is:

to my knowledge, Twitter requires SSL connections for player cards, but their validator seems to be a bit dyslexic… sorry, bad pun…

I’m glad, though, that I’m not the only one experiencing this issue…


I am having the same problem:

It is NOT because my SSL certificate references the www. version of my site (check for yourself). It is NOT because the meta tags are incorrect (up until a similar time to when @juanjodlt noticed it, all twitter cards were working fine).

It seems to be something Twitter has done. I would appreciate some help from a staffer on this! Also, I have updated my robots.txt to specifically allow the twitterbot to crawl my entire site.

Anything else I might have done incorrectly?

Should anyone wish to check my markup, there are loads of pages on my site that would be relevant, but here’s one:


Thank you @PiciScan for the info, we are going to do couple of more tests with @juanjodlt in hope to find a solution, maybe there is a workaround until Twitter staff may kindly help us with this issue.


@PiciScan you have an F rate at SSLLabs, it’s a low rating but I think is NOT the reason why Twitter is refusing the connection but please considere to improve your security rate. Here the report ->


Just wanted to add our report too in the hope a staffer will appear. Exact same issue everyone else here has with SSL - it was working until very recently, now failing. = ERROR: Fetching the page failed because connection is refused.

We even opened an advertising account but a bit pointless until they fix this :frowning:


Thank you @espanabreaks for the info, just in case, I send this tweet looking for help here ->


Thanks alot, we have tried all your suggestions with no luck at all… Let’s see if guys from Twitter reach this thread and help us.

Btw, @PiciScan your metatags are all fine. Here’s a little tool where you can see you tags in a nice way too:


@csaltos & @juanjodlt, thank-you both for your responses. This issue is rather annoying. What is perplexing, though is that it doesn’t seem to have affected everyone. How can we get a member of the Twitter staff over here to have a look into this?


@PiciScan a couple of months ago a similar problem happened like this but with LinkedIn: everything was OK and suddenly our “poor” GoDaddy certificate was not recognized anymore by LinkedIn. Of course we’ve tried to contact LinkedIn regarding this issue and for them to update their CA certification base correctly but no answer. We were about to buy a new more “fancy” and more expensive SSL certificate when the problem was magically fixed at one of the LinkedIn own releases when they update correctly their CA certificates.

Things we’ve learned:

  • The cheap SSL certificates are cheap for a reason and that is because they have mostly unknown intermediate CA validations and thus most of the upgrades of third parties will take time for them to recognize your “poor” SSL certificates (if important to you and you can afford it, of course try to purchase more fancy SSL certificates with a more solid and recognized CA validation)
  • For the mega organizations to listen to the small clients is very difficult, but here we are, let’s hope they listen to us one day !! :slight_smile: :slight_smile:
  • The goal of the mega organizations is to ensure a correct and secure connection and use, so if you follow good security practices you are closer to get a good relationship with Twitter, LinkedIn and others (for instance, try to get a good rating using tools like
  • And PATIENCE !! … lots of PATIENCE !! :wink: :smile:


@juanjodlt Any progress? I just can’t understand why all Twitter Cards were working fine, and then, though nothing had changed on my website, they suddenly didn’t. It is VERY frustrating.


Just a thought … has the post by @rchoi on Automatic Cards Whitelisting got anything to do with this?


Hi @PiciScan, thanks for pointing that post to us. Indeed, now our summary cards are working. The card previewer/validator is not working yet, I guess Twitter Devs are making some changes to integrate the new Automatics Cards Whitelisting thing with it.

@OMGUrOnline @sarahzj @espanabreaks @PiciScan: Does you cards are working now?