Connection limits in public stream


Hi everyone,

In a few words, I will try to describe my options.
An object called event has his own hashtags and geolocation. The event needs tweets in real time so I will use streaming api to get this content. Every event should have own connection to streaming ( if I have 20 events in the same time so I will have 20 connections to streaming api).
Unfortunately in Public Stream for each account may create only one connection.

I have found a similar problem in:

Based on this thread I will have to merge all hashtags from all events to one result. The result will be use in Public Stream and than for each status (tweet) from response I will check hashtags and geo than I will assing the tweet to adequate event.
Is that correct ?

All suggestions will be appreciated and other paid services.

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This is correct.

An alternative could be to use the GNIP PowerTrack product.