Connecting Twitter To Wordpress Blog Error_API Key



My name is Timothy and I have a few questions that I was hoping to find the answer to. Whenever creating a Twitter App, I can not get past the first few steps.

  1. Validation failed: Not a valid URL format (so I try re-inputting the few different ways…). But it will not recognize my website.

  2. Here is everything I input in order to create the Twitter App. I would have uploaded photos, but I am not allowed.

Name: UnitedThemes Twitter WP
Description: Connecting Twitter with Wordpress.
Website: (I have tried all of these variations, including http:// in front of every one, but get denied for what is listed above in #1)

I have read through the forums (even the suggestions that have popped up whenever creating this message) but have not stumbled upon what I should actually do if this particular case arises. If I have skipped over this through the forums, somehow, then I would also appreciate being pointed in the right direction so that I can connect Twitter with my blog. I appreciate your time and am looking forward to resolving this issue!