Connecting cards, tweets and campaigns for large scale campaign analysis


Right now our marketing team has a rather complicated campaign structure, and they’re having a very difficult time running large scale analyses. The problem stems from our inability to tie individual creatives (card tweet combos) to the campaigns they’re running on in a way that allows for complex analyses. The examples are generalized away from our industry, but the gist remains the same.

We have campaigns that are targeted towards fans of Marvel comics and DC comics. Within each of those campaigns, we have 5 different tweets and cards that advertise 5 different products to each of these fan bases.

For example, we have targeting on a campaign that’s set up around users who follow Marvel related accounts, but we’re hitting those users with DC, Marvel and graphic novel content.

The campaign name helps us identify the campaign targeting while the cards have titles that identify the image creative strategy and the content it’s focused on, but the tweets themselves do not have specific “titles” as twitter doesn’t support that.

Let’s say we have a DC campaign called: iOS_DC_Batman

The campaign has 4 tweets with 4 different cards. The tweets have unique copy and the cards all have the following names:

  • iOS_DC_Batman_Device
  • iOS_Marvel_AntMan_Device
  • iOS_GN_Walkingdead_Device
  • iOS_DC_Batman_Movie

As far as I can tell, and our account manager agrees, I can only pull the following out of the API:

  • Campaign: Name, ID
  • Tweet: ID, Campaign_ID, tweet_copy, line_item_stats, card_url

I can’t pull anything related to the card from the API. I also can’t name my tweets.

So I find myself in a situation where I have 4+ creatives (tweet+card) running inside a campaign, and I can pull statistics on those creatives, but I have no way to identify the creative outside of an ID (not helpful for analysis), the tweet copy (mostly unhelpful for analysis) and the card URL (not helpful for analysis).

This means our team is struggling to identify:

  • The success of a card across campaigns
  • The success of creative strategies (read theme of a card’s image)
  • The success of specific creatives against specific audiences

We could try to parse the tweet copy to identify creative strategies, but that breaks down when we’re testing the same copy against different app cards. We could also limit one tweet+card combo per campaign, however, in order to drive maximum scale we’ve found it’s best to attach multiple creatives to single campaigns.

The ability to either name a creative (tweet+card combo) or the ability to pull in the name of cards attached to tweets would go a long way towards solving this gap in our analytics, and I presume this is functionality others would be interested in having too.