Connect leads to mentions and not Interactions


I’ve been having this problem for a while now. When I click on ‘Connect’ it leads to mentions and not interactions. I tried doing everything I could (Using a new browser, disabling extensions, clearing the cache) but none of it worked.


I’m having the same issue. It was working the way it should until about 3 p.m. EST yesterday. If I go to edit my profile, then click on Connect, it’ll go to Interactions every time I click on Connect, until I manually refresh the page while in Home. At that point, clicking on Connect reverts back to Mentions. I find it odd, and quite annoying, since Mentions isn’t even the first option, and having it as an option at all seems ridiculous, since Interactions already includes mentions. Any fix to this would be appreciated.


It worked for me for a little bit a few hours ago but now it’s just broken again.


Same. This is actually pretty irritating.


Yup, same. It’s been back and forth for a few days, but recently it got stuck on mentions. Fix would be appreciated, thanks!


Same problem here. Twitter is great, but a few things are quite annoying. This is a new one. [The other is all the adverts, whether customised or not - really don’t want them! There seem to be more ads since the talk of twitter going onto the stockmarket.]


It’s been about a week I’ve been having this problem now and at first it was on and off but for the past 4 days it hasn’t been working at all. It’d be nice if this would get acknowledged, as it’s obviously a problem.


I’ve been having this problem also for the last 5 days or so.


Same here. It does indeed get annoying.


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