Confusion when publishing a nullcasted Tweet


Hey Team,

I had a minor confusion which is leading to a slight problem at our end, we have an ad account and twitter handle added in the system.

When trying to publish a nullcasted tweet from the handle its going out to another handle altogether.

Details of the tweet
XBOX 24742040”,

Access token - 2814063755-XXXXXXXX

If you see the access token has a different account handle id in it, different from the XBOX handle id, the user who added the ad account/handle has access to various ad account natively.

Just wanted to clear this confusion as to if we are missing something at our end, couldn’t find any documentation on this.

Each time the user tries to tweet it goes out from sprinklr_ads.

Please let me know in case anything is needed from my end.


Thanks for the question, @abhishek_pyro.

Are you using the as_user_id param on the POST accounts/:account_id/tweet endpoint?

The user you’re authenticated as—@sprinklr_ads (user ID: 2814063755)—has access to eqb2w and has Tweet composer permissions:

$ twurl -H "/2/accounts/eqb2w/authenticated_user_access"
  "data": {
    "user_id": 2814063755,
    "permissions": [
  "request": {
    "params": {
      "account_id": "eqb2w"

So, you should be able to create nullcasted Tweets as eqb2w's full promotable user, which is @Xbox.

If using the as_user_id doesn’t resolve the issue, please provide the repro steps. Thanks!


Thank you for always coming to the rescue :), I was not aware of this new v2 end point which lets us publish tweets from ads api :D, We will have to integrate it at our end.

We were using the “statuses” api till now to publish nullcasted tweets, don’t think there is an “as_user_id” param in the statuses API.

I’ll update you on our progress here. Thanks again