Confusion on Tweet Search API (1.1) when have parameter of "geocode" included in the query


I am trying to use Twitter’s Search API search the tweets that I just posted.

The query URL that I am using is:,-104,30mi&result_type=recent&count=100.
When I use IPhone to post a tweet using query word of “workout” with locaiton information enabled, I can query out my tweet among with many tweets from other users.

But, when I use IPhone to post a tweet using query word of “workout” without location information enabled, the same query URL can’t find my tweet.

It is the same when I use my Desktop computer to post a tweet with query word of “workout”, no matter that the location information is turned on or not, I can’t find my tweets by using the above query URL.

What is going on?



If you’re not geotagging your tweets then the location filter on the Search API has to resort to much fuzzier logic in determining whether a tweet is near a location or not – it basically reverts to the stated location on your profile – which may or may not have a relation to your physical location at the time of tweeting.