Confused by Premium Rate limits on published rate card?


Hi all,

I’m building out an application for nlp research that would pull in about 50,000 tweets per day – so less than 1 per second.

I’m looking at the highest tier of premium API, which has a limit of 10,000 requests per month. I don’t quite understand this.

Specifically, I’m unclear on how a “request” here translates, for e.g., to PowerTrack activity which I’m familiar with and is billed per tweet. What does the Premium limit of “10,000” (tweets, requests, something else?) really mean ? Whether that is tweets per month or requests per month, that’s like 300/day, which, could be done using the Sandbox/free tier from the looks of it. So that sounds pretty low unless I’m misunderstanding something and definitely not sufficient for my app.

Could somebody kindly clarify this as I’m very eager to get started and buy access? Thanks!


You may find my previous post here helpful: What is the rate limit for the premium search API?

Additionally, the number of ‘requests’ (which include each page/pagination calls) are the key factor in the pricing for premium search tiers.

Using the top usage tier (AKA selecting premium and the top 10,000 tier here) you can get 10,000 requests per month with 500 Tweets (max) per page. If each search is used effectively, the most Tweet volume returned could be 5 million Tweets in one month.

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