Confused about Card Whitelisting



I creating a blog using Jekyll and I’m working out some kinks. I’m using the jekyll-seo-tag plugin. When I point my fist post to the Twitter Card Validator it seems to see the information, but fails to whitelist it. I’m not sure how to whitelist it. Please help.


That is a bit misleading, most common cause for that is that your tags are not correct. Can you provide me with a URL where I can check the card tags?


I’m not familiar with jekyll-seo-tag - I took a quick look at the docs on Github and it seems to suggest that the Twitter Card tags will be added automatically. However, none of them appear in your site’s source code, I only see a few og: tags and no twitter:card markup.

As @ePirat says, the “not whitelisted” error is misleading (and would only apply if you had a video player card), basically the problem here is that your site doesn’t have any Cards markup to enable us to validate or render a card for you.


@ePirat Here is the link.

@andypiper It helps if I fill out the information in the config file. :confounded: I tested the link and the preview works now. Now, I just have to fix a problem with the Facebook ID. :open_mouth: I didn’t mean to name he who should not be named.

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