Confused about "Automation rules and best practices"


I am very confused about these rules:

It clearly says you can not create an account that automatically replies to people without being prompted. Yet there are dozens of example of this across twitter. @StealthMountain @DBZNappa @YesYoureRacist @YesYoureSexist @fart_robot

Non of these account properly follow the “Automated @replies and mentions” rules. I’m not hear to get them shut down. I think they are adding a great value to the website. But I don’t like how they either have preferential treatment or have some how achieved exemption from the rules though ways that are not public.

I would like to create similar bots. I have tried a few and have gotten over whelmed by replies, favorites and retweets. Yet my accounts continue to be suspended. If these are the rules then I am happy to follow them even if they make twitter a sad place. But clearly some accounts have a high volume of @replies without suspension. Please tell me the rules and I will try and follow them. And if the true rules are as stated in “Automation rules and best practices” then explain to me how the above accounts can be considered in good standing off those rules?