Conflict in accont name + account varification


Dear Twitter Administration
We are an international tertiary hospital in Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. We have a twitter account for Health Education Services (@kfshHealthEdu). We faced another account that has the same name of our hospital abbreviation (@KFSH), which belongs to a fish video station. What is the proper way to ask them to change their name if possible? Some of our followers and other people send mention to them as they thought it’s ours.
Another request please, that we would like to verify our account. What is the right process to do so?
We appreciate your assistant

would like to create shared folder between health education portal team to upload all files related to the business portal (may exceed 70 GB)

Best Regards,
Randa Baraja’a, BSO, Ms-HMI
Health Education Specialist
HE Portal Section
Tel # +9661- 4647272 Ext. 37797
+9661- 4423078
Fax # +9661- 4647272 Ext. 39688
Pager # 5952

Kingdom of Saudi Arabia
King Faisal Specialist Hospital & Research Center (KFSH&RC)
P.O.Box 3354
Riyadh 11211
MBC# 63-1 (Health Education Services)


We can’t help you with any of these questions here. You want Twitter Support. See


I have 11.5k followers.why my account is not verified.even i’m in top 100 twitter users in india


thats tough…hope you get v