Confirm why we are getting 403 errors and how to appeal for elevated POST requests


Right after Oct 22 date, when Twitter announced new limits related to 300 tweets/retweets per 3 hours, we starting getting rejected tweets returning 403 errors. Analysis of our tweet posts shows that we occasionally tip past 300/3 hour period (at most once a day), coinciding with the rejections – the exception returned will look like this:

Exception: TwitterException Object
[message:protected] => HTTP 403: Duplicate Tweet.
[string:Exception:private] =>

[code:protected] => 403
[file:protected] => /var/www/foo/twitter/classes/twitter.class.php
[line:protected] => 544
[trace:Exception:private] => Array

Definitely 403 returned from Twitter, but the “Duplicate Tweet.” part is supplied internally by a legacy twitter class we use, so perhaps the cause(s) of a 403 have changed or broadened to include limit infractions. So the question is – can I be fairly sure these are limit violation errors. I ask because I believe we have a good case to appeal for an elevated limit.

Regarding the appeal, your documentation states “Select ‘I would like to apply for elevated POST limits.’”

We do not see this option, but I believe this is due to the nature of how our Twitter app & our in-house tweeting app are designed. So how can we describe our app and request an appeal directly, as that option is not available to us.

Thanks for your assistance!


Thank you for writing in, and sorry for the inconvenience.

Which app are you trying to elevate? Please provide us the app ID of this app.


Hey, Dan!

Thanks for responding. I believe the app ID is 807180, as this is the URL when we log in and visit it:

If you can elevate the app without a formal appeal, great! If you still require an appeal, please direct me to the best way to get it in front of someone.

Thanks again,

Marc Charnow


I have added a permission to your account so that you can apply through the proper elevation pathway.

Please select I would like to apply for elevated POST limits and fill out this form:

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